Nordic Knot Is a Must-Try for Local Pretzel Lovers

Posted on September 15, 2020 by Warren Duffie

There’s no doubt that pretzels and beer are a near-perfect match. And, at Nordic Knot, that’s all the more true, thanks to their specialty malted and brewers grain doughs and their partnership with Lake Anne Brew House.  Nordic Knot’s handmade pretzels are made with a traditional Nordic dough or their specialty Brewers Grain dough. Malted barley, rye, or wheat combine to create a unique taste and, if you can’t decide between their dough options, they even offer a combined twist.

Through their partnership with Lake Anne Brew House, you can have Nordic Knot pretzels delivered to your door directly. Know a brewery with a particularly special blend? Nordic Knot will even create a custom pretzel to “match your malt.” If you’re looking to their pre-created pretzels to make your pint complete, Nordic Knot has no shortage of toppings and styles to choose from, including cinnamon sugar, everything, and salted pretzels in braids, croissants, and standard pretzel twists. Several varieties are even vegan-friendly, so you can share with friends and family who have dietary restrictions, too.

Speaking of sharing, be sure to check out their variety pack or party box if you’ve got an event in need of pretzels. If your idea of heaven is your favorite beer coupled with dozens of flavorful knots and twists, you need look no further.