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Unleash Your Inner Pastry Chef at a Baking Class

Several rows of different-colored macaroons.

Korbel champagne. Bailey’s Irish cream. Banana rum. This might sound like a shopping list for restocking the liquor cabinet, but it’s actually a partial ingredient list for the boozy baking class at the Boardroom VA. Every sunday afternoon this month and next, chef michael and his pupils will take over its kitchen to create baked goods that have booze as a starring ingredient.

From 3 to 6 p.m., join Chef Michael as he shows you how to craft sweet bites like N.Y. Cheesecake with a swirl of Bailey’s-infused chocolate and french macarons that are basically bite-sized mojitos. Korbel champagne fills every ganache-stuffed truffle and the subtle flavor of Jamaican rum permeates the gingerbread cake. If you like sweet and salty, you’ll love the final dessert, a salted caramel bread pudding featuring banana-flavored rum. Chef Michael will ask for student participation throughout the three-hour class, but he’ll also let you sit back for parts as he creates and talks his way through the steps of each recipe. At the end of class, you’ll get to-go containers filled with samples of each treat. Tickets are $119 per person.