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Spring Is in Bloom at Meadowlark Gardens in Reston

A field of grass with some colorful Spring flowers popping up.

Every season brings something new to discover at Meadowlark Gardens, and the lingering spring into full-on summer is no exception. This is perhaps when the grounds are at their best, with colorful blooms, bright buds on the warm-weather plants, and lush greens covering every inch of the gardens. Spring also means that the fauna of the area are emerging from a long winter’s nap, and can best be seen by the lake and forest walking trails. Take a quiet walk among the Piedmont Hills, Korean Bell Garden, and more. All of this natural beauty, and it’s only a few dollars to visit? You can’t find a better value for such a well-maintained, gorgeous outdoor attraction.

Meadowlark Gardens opens at 10 a.m. daily and is just $3 – $6 per visitor. If you plan on making frequent trips this year (the gardens truly do have new plants to discover year-round, in addition to the popular Winter Walk of Lights), then consider a membership for you or the whole family.