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Save Room for True Food Kitchen

Bowls of colorful salad on a blue table.

True Food Kitchen – doesn’t that just sound good? No longer do you have to guess and wonder what’s in your dinner. True Food Kitchen is a new eatery that boasts simple, real ingredients, prepared in a way that you’ll feel good about. The menu includes an impressive array of vegetarian and vegan dishes – so much clean eating, after all, is plant based – but they also have chicken, fish, and other meatier meal options that are equally as light and health-focused. From grilled chicken parmesan and shrimp tacos, to pizzas, wraps, and salads, eating well has never been so downright delicious. You can even indulge in gluten-free sweets like flourless chocolate cake, or have a refreshing piece of vegan avocado key lime pie to make for a perfect end to your meal.

True Food Kitchen also serves brunch on the weekends (GF banana pancakes! Vegetarian sunrise bowls!) and has a menu that the kids will love too. Find this new café on Democracy Drive in Reston, within walking distance (.4 miles) from The Avant.