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Calvert Rejuvenations: Self-Care for 2022

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Have you decided on a New Year’s resolution for 2022? If it’s to work out more, you’re going to need a plan for self-care. That’s where Calvert Rejuvenations comes in. Its talented massage therapists will quickly wipe out any gym-induced aches and pains with their array of customized treatments.

The Himalayan salt stone massage packs a powerful punch against tension and soreness thanks to the addition of hot stones. Imported from across the world, the stones are infused with Himalayan pink salt that imparts its own healing properties as the heat eases pain. Coupled with long, flowing strokes from your massage therapist, the hot stones will aid in recovery after a particularly intense workout. If it’s your complexion that could use a little TLC, book a facial at Calvert Rejuvenations. The classic relaxation facial brings the zen with a personalized face mask and facial massage, plus toning and extractions, all paired with a hand and foot massage (plus warm booties for your feet). Other specialized facials include the Power C Firming facial, which restores a youthful glow, and the Purity facial, geared specifically toward folks with acne-prone skin.