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Bring a Love of Reading to Scrawl Books

A big, warmly lit wall full of books.

If supporting local business and innovative thinking are two things that are important to you, your values align well with Scrawl Books owner Rachel Wood. As a librarian and a Reston resident for more than two decades, she has ample experience cultivating new ideas and helping folks find their new favorite book.

She and her staff continue to foster creativity and a love of literature at Scrawl Books. The local, independent book shop is constantly sourcing new reads for its clientele. They range from indie books to bestsellers, from teen thrillers to adult-oriented nonfiction. Scrawl Books also boasts a robust collection of books for children if you’re looking for a gift. Complement that book with a game or a puzzle, also available at Scrawl, or encourage creativity in a little one by getting them their first journal. Scrawl also offers a full lineup of arts and crafts supplies. If you’re not ready to shop in-store, Scrawl Books hosts its full inventory online with free delivery in Reston, as well as options for in-store pick-up.